The series opener of the Stanley Cup Final was a memorable one. It went three overtimes and saw the Blackhawks battle back from a 3-1 deficit in Chicago, so you can imagine how intense it must have been inside the United Center. Here's an inside perspective, from the fans that were actually in attendance, of what it was like to be in the building and the emotions that were running through the crowd during the Blackhawks' epic win.

TV One’s series, Parole Diaries, follows the parole officers of Indianapolis, Indiana, and the parolees they work with.

In the heart of America, on a deadly inland sea that has claimed as many as 6,000 vessels and 30,000 lives, a way of life exists that few ever witness. Men who breathe diesel fumes and watch every step they take on shifting decks. Men who battle the elements, wrestle with runaway vessels, fight fatigue and sometimes risk all in the struggle to make a living.

Last House Standing is a one-hour special that shows homeowners everything they need to know about being pro-active about protecting their homes from hurricane-force winds, torrential rains, and devastating earthquakes.

TV One's Find Our Missing puts names and faces to missing people through dramatic storytelling.  Step inside the lives of the missing, then help solve the case.

This epic, four-part miniseries offers intimate accounts of the brave men on the front lines as told through paralleling stories from each side of the war, giving audiences a unique insight into the beliefs, struggles and passions of those involved from both the North and South.

Created by Live From Memphis in partnership with MTV New Media and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau, "Flipside Memphis" was developed as accompanying material for Craig Brewer's "$5 Cover." Flipside explores the "real-life" Memphis. It's showcases cool local talent, unique hang-outs, and all the stuff that makes Memphis great from a local perspective.

A preview of the 6th Annual Live From Memphis Music Video Showcase.

Red Bull Rope Masters hits Memphis, Tennessee, where the country’s top Double Dutch teams compete in a head-to-head Double Dutch freestyle battle to determine who will be the Red Bull Rope Masters Champion.

A chilling take on lacking control and the manipulative contrivances of those who seek to take even more of it away.

In the summer of 2005, Zach, a 16-year-old boy from Memphis, TN wrote on his MySpace blog that he had told his parents he was gay. Within days, his mother and father would send him to Love In Action, a fundamentalist Christian program that pledged to turn gay teens straight. The depressed and fearful teenager shared his feelings on his blog, which quickly spread from his friends to the local community as well as gaining national attention and sparking protests outside the organization's doors.

PSA encouraging bicycling in the city of Memphis!

A relationship unfolds through frames of art.

Rhodes TV is a web series that looks into the unique lives and experiences of Rhodes College students.

Music Video for the song "No Mistake" performed by Total Savage.

Created by Live From Memphis in partnership with the Center City Commission, Get Down is downtown Memphis like you've never seen it before.

No fluff, just fun on the bluff!

At the age of 6, after a devastating encounter with a pile of garbage, Tommy decided that learning how to ride a bicycle just wasn't worth it. Now, fifteen years later, 21-year-old Tommy Kha is rethinking that decision.

Created by Live From Memphis in partnership with ArtsMemphis, ArtsMemphisTV takes you into the worlds of local artists, revealing their personal stories, experiences, and thoughts about art, music, film, dance, theatre, and life in Memphis.

Created by Live From Memphis in partnership with the Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commission, FilmMemphisTV takes you into the worlds of Memphis film production.

Music + Arts Recording Studio, Memphis, TN. Specializing in 5.1 surround mixing.

Memphis Music had a huge presence at the 2009 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

The Memphis Music Foundation sponsored two showcases, featuring Two Way Radio, Jump Back Jake, Hill Country Revue, Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers, River City Tanlines, Free Sol, Al Kapone, Lucero, and the Bar-Kays.

Goner Fest 4 DVD Compilation
30 Bands, 37 Videos

This special DVD / CD package is an audio / visual chronicle of the 2007 Goner Fest, the underground music festival hosted by Goner Records every September in Memphis, TN. Professionally shot and recorded by Live from Memphis and Rocket Science Audio, the Goner Fest 4 DVD / CD puts the viewer right in the middle of the mayhem, with music from Jay Reatard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Mr. Airplane Man, Marked Men, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Gentleman Jesse, Greg Cartwright, and many more.

"River Rising" takes a poem by TamE about the numbing effects of modern media and illustrates it using... you guessed it, modern media techniques. Video interference and noise becomes both beautiful visual texture and commentary on the way mass media fails in its promise to clarify and inform.

Music video made for Duran Duran's music video contest. Shot in Memphis, Tennessee. Produced by Corduroy Wednesday. Girl Panic! off the new album All You Need is Now.

"60 Seconds" is an original creation by Live From Memphis that’s all about you... well at least for 60 seconds. It's our show that highlight individuals in the Memphis area "doing their thing."  Whether that's singing, dancing, peeling a banana with their toes, performing yo-yo tricks, or simply speaking a piece of their mind.

Music Video for "I Liked Your Rough Draft Better" performed by Pezz.

Henry's day just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Be careful what you wish for and learn to live the dream...

A collection of footage shot over the past five years by an eccentric group of transient filmmakers, set to the darkly schizophrenic tunes of ninjacat, and viciously blended together with the editorial styling of madbrad to ensure maximum lunacy.

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